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Yankee Candle Spring and Summer 2022

12 August 2021

Yankee Candle Spring 2022

We are travelling almost 10,000 to find Yankee Candle’s inspiration for 2022. The country where Kellie Harrington, Paul O'Donovan and Fintan McCarthy all found Gold in this year’s Olympics

For 2022 Yankee Candle has been inspired by the wonder of Japan – specifically the Sakura Blossom festival.

Sakura is the Japanese word that describes blossoms – usually Cherry blossoms, but also plum and apple and jasmine blossoms as the season progresses. To celebrate this, they have an annual six-week festival which dates back to the 8th century. The festival itself is called Hanami and the decision on the festival dates is dependent on the Blossom forecast released in late February. This year, 2021, saw one of the earliest forecasts and the festival commenced in mid-March.  The festival tradition symbolizes the welcoming of spring and the appreciation and admiration of natural beauty and that’s the inspiration for Yankee Candle 2022.


Yankee Candle will also introduce other collections in 2022

The new Signature Collection which will replace the Elevation collection.

The Outdoor Collection. A small collection of candles in tins that all contain citronella as well as other summer inspired fragrance.

Chesapeake bay – the long awaited replacement for the much loved Aromatherapy Spa collection


So to the main range and the Sakura Festival theme.

Six new fragrances – three for release in January and three for release in April. They will be available in all forms – Large, Medium & small jar along with votives, wax melts & the new filled votives (replacing tealights)


The Following January 2022 releases are now available to order:

Sakura Blossom FestivalA sweet bouquet of cherry blossom with rose and freesia notes dancing though the air.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes - Red Berries, Apple, Pink Grapefruit; Mid Notes - Rose Freesia, cherry blossom; Base notes - Sandalwood, Vanilla, Almond Milk.


Majestic Mount Fuji – Enjoy the fresh mountain air and cool watery tones while notes of coconut water and dewy pear scents swirl around you.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes – Crisp Ozone, Sparkling Aldehydes, Bergamot, Dewy pear; Mid notes – Cactus flower, Aloe Vera, Apple Blossom, Coconut water; Base Notes – Amber wood, Blue musk, Tea Leaves, Cedarwood.


Sweet Plum Sake End the day of celebrations with a glass of sake. Delicate aromas of sweet plum mix with an enticing pairing of raspberry and rice wine notes.

Fragrance Notes:  Top – Lemon juice, Japanese plum, Fuji Apple, Raspberry, Greens; Mid – Red Currant, Black Fig, Mango, Sake Accord, Rice Wine; Base – Coconut wood, Vanilla, Aged merlot.


And the April 2022 Releases are

Mango Ice Cream – Scents of juicy mango and creamy vanilla notes blend to create an indulgent desert.

Fragrance Notes: Top – Orange, Pineapple Juice, Banana Puree; Mid – Sliced mango, Fresh Berries; Base – Vanilla Cream


Berry Mochi – Sweetened fresh berry and rich vanilla scents combine with a  dusting of pink sugar notes to create an iconic Japanese treat

Fragrance Notes: Top – Plum, Berry, Apricot; Mid – Pink Sugar; Base – Vanilla Cake, Macron.


Tranquil Garden – A tranquil spot where aromas of blooming jasmine, carnations and sunny neroli are joined by notes of fresh eucalyptus and sandalwood.

Fragrance Notes: Top – Warm spring breeze, Orange, Eucalyptus, Sheer Anise; Mid – Japanese carnation, Neroli, Lavender, Airy Jasmine, Cardamon; Base – Coconut water, Sandalwood, Salted white cedar.

Our overall view is that this will be one of the great new collections by Yankee Candle. Plenty in it to suit everybody – Fresh, Fruity and Florals in abundance. The range will be available in Large, Medium & Small Jars, Votives, Wax Melts and the new Filled Votives. We do hope the January releases will arrive just before Christmas.


We’ll preview the New Signature Collection which is available to order in Glass Filled Votive Styles and the new Chesapeake Bay collection - but here's a couple of images

The Signature Collection (replaces the Elevation collection which is being retired this year). Similar wax to the Elevation (Soy wax blend). Ten totally new fragrances complimented by ten current fragrances to give a collection of 20 fragrances. 


And the much awaited Chesapeake Bay Aromatherapy Collection. 10 Fragrances filled with aromatherapy Essential oils

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