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One 4 All Card - Important online use information

5 January 2022

*IMPORTANT*  Under EU regulations, the maximum online transaction with unregistered gift cards is €50 - but we have a way around that!

If your order is over €50 or if you wish to pay using two cards - we now have the solution. You can also use this for small balances left on a One4All Card!

Simply purchase a Gift Certificate first (you choose the value up to €50 - so even if you have a small balance of €3.84, you can create a €3.84 gift certificate) -


This can then be used in conjunction with any other payment method including a second (or the same) One4All card.   


Using a One4All or me2you card is easy - 

Click "Pay by Debit Card or Credit Card"

Enter the 16 digit Card number – as per the card

For name – use your name

Expiry date – use the valid through date, but just the month & the 2 digits for the year. E.g 12/2024 should be entered as 12/24

CVV number – This is on the scratch off panel on the rear.


IMPORTANT - Transaction Limits

Please note that a maximum online transaction limit of €50 applies to all non chip & pin gift cards. (EU Regulations and applies to all online transactions)

See top of page for getting around this regulation. 


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