Boles dOlors 4 Thieves Hand Sanitising Gel


Hand Sanitiser Gel 500 ml. With aromatic properties, Boles d’Olor’s aromatherapy blend of essential oils and natural ingredients is a much more skin friendly option that will keep your hands sanitised & protected.


Boles d’Olor have based their hand sanitising gel from the 4 Thieves folkloric elixir with combination of essential oils and natural ingredients. Pictured on the front of Boles d’Olor Bottles depicts the 4 thieves wearing their beak like masks and wide brimmed hats. Read about 4 Thieves and the story behind it below.

Mix 40 drops of clove essential oil, 35 drops of lemon essential oil, 20 drops of Tea Tree essential oil, 15 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil, 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.

This ancient blend holds powerful antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal and immune-boosting effects and created a unique and luxurious hand sanitiser. Size 500ml.

What exactly is 4 Thieves?

There is a fascinating story of French folklore behind this Aromatherapy oil blend that led it to its name.

The Bubonic Plague ran rampant throughout Europe and Asia in the 15th Century. Approximately 150 million people lost their lives during a pandemic that lasted for over 4 years.

As the Black Death ravaged the French city of Marseille , four brazen thieves under the cloak of moonlight burgled the houses of Marseilles to steal possessions of the victims who died from this horrific plague. Towns people didn’t worry too much about this as they assumed that these thieves would eventually catch their own death from this highly infectious plague. But, they didn’t.

The consequence of a crime such as this was punishable by being burned to death. They were eventually captured from stealing from the sick. However, they escaped this harrowing punishment as the Judge was so intrigued as to how neither of these four men have caught this horrendous plague that has been killing millions.

According to the folklore, the Judge offered leniency in allowing an exchange for releasing the secret of their immunity to the plague, the thieves would be hanged instead of being burned alive at the stake. A quicker end and less brutal act of the death penalty.

These thieves were perfume and spice merchants who became unemployed during this pandemic due to the devastation of the Bubonic Plague. In the 15th century, physicians wore long black robes, wide brimmed hats and a face covering that appeared bird like. These masks were said to contain a concoction of herbs and spices with essential oils in an effort to help physicians protected and safe from illness. The long robes were covered in the scent of this mix. The essential oil recipe was applied to their hands, behind their ears, rubbed onto their temples and feet.

The thieves conformed and they then surrendered the recipe for their elixir, and so formed the legend of the 4 Thieves blend. Not long after this, doctors of the plague started to also wear these beak-like masks filled with material that they soaked in the Thieves’ infusion to protect them from disease.

Aloe Vera Oil - Moistens, soothes and softens the skin

Clove: its fragrance is stimulating and restorative. It is an important ingredient in The Oil of the 4 Thieves, for its wonderful characteristics of immunological improvements and antioxidant.

Lemon: has antiseptic and draining properties, contains compounds that amplify immunity and promote circulation.

Tea Tree: Nature's antiseptic. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal and excellent for those with dermatitus

Eucalyptus: it is refreshing and energizing. With a lighter aroma, this variety is one of the most versatile of eucalyptus oils and is suitable for topical use, diffusion, and even direct inhalation. It has long been an ingredient in some of our most popular blends.

Rosemary: It has a fresh, herbaceous, sweet and slightly medicinal aroma. It is an energizing oil, which can be beneficial in helping to restore mental alertness when fatigued. It is also a popular ingredient in hair and skin care products.

Mint: A natural antibacterial essential oil and adds a pleasant cool scent 

As we are now experiencing our very own modern-day pandemic, carrying a hand sanitiser and mask is now part of our daily routine and detrimental in slowing the spread of the virus.

A lot of hand sanitisers are purely alcohol-based formulas which can leave your skin feeling dry, sore and red. From overuse of these stronger alcohol-based sanitisers that can actually be more damaging as cracks in the skin allows bacteria to penetrate the skin barrier at ease.

Boles d’Olor’s aromatherapy blend of essential oils and natural ingredients is a much more skin friendly option that will keep you protected.