Amethyst Sky Trilogy Hearthwick Woodwick Jar

€42.95 €25.00

Love Hearthwick – Just €25 each until End of February Woodwick Trilogy Candle - Amethyst and Amber, Suede and Sandalwood, Smoke Amber. This candle releases a trilogy of fragrance combinations, each creating its own, unique experience as the layers melt together. Ellipse Jar.



This is a Ambery,Gourmand fragrance.

Top Notes: Amethyst and Amber

Mid: Suede and Sandalwood,

Base: Smoked Jasmine.

About Ellipse Jar Candles

Recreate the warming comfort of a glowing fireplace with this WoodWick with HearthWick Flame candle. Rich fragrance combined with a dancing flame and soft crackle in a teardrop shaped Ellipse Candle, what's not to love? Each HearthWick Flame Candle is 19cm x 12cm x 9.2cm.
Burn Time Up To 80 Hours.