Chocolate Easter Truffles Large Yankee Candle Jar

€30.99 €17.95

Seasonal Clearance just €17.95! Chocolate Easter Truffles Yankee Candle will fill your home with a mouth-wateringly sweet fragrance! This candle delivers a delightful blend of chocolate notes combined with scents of warm milk, maple cream and sweet sugary musk.

Full of sweet aromas, this candle perfectly embodies the intoxicating chocolatey fragrance associated with the Easter period. The top notes of chocolate, whipped cream and cinnamon dusting blend perfectly with the complimentary mid notes of warm milk, almond glazing and maple cream. The scent is wrapped up with base notes of sugared musk and sandalwood, giving you a perfect Easter fragrance. . This culminates in the indulgent aroma of beloved sweet, chocolatey treats.

Burn time of between 110 – 150 hours