Sea Minerals - Elevation Large Jar

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Blooming Spring Offers - Elevation Large jars only €19.95 -  NEW, Minerals and sea salt join aromatic greens and spices for a fragrance inspired by a cool ocean breeze. The fragrance is a relaxing blend of eucalyptus, muguet, clove and nutmeg scents, reminiscent of seaside escapes. Large 2 wick square candle, 552g, strong scent and 70-80 hours Burntime

New Collection!

Fragrance Notes:

TOP: Staghorn Sumac, Green Leaves, Aromatic

MIDDLE:Eucalyptus, Muguet, Clove, Nutmeg

BASE: Cedarleaf, Musk


Yankee Candle Elevation -

A new collection of decor focused candles by Yankee Candle. 
Features two wicks for optimum burn, high quality glass and complex progressive fragrancing.