Snowflake Frost Large Shade and Tray - Half Price

€34.99 €16.95

Bring the atmosphere of a winter wonderland into your home with this beautiful large shade and tray set from Yankee Candle’s Snowflake Frost accessories collection. This set contains both a Yankee Candle shade and tray to accessorise your favourite fragrance. Suitable for Large and Medium Jars.


Both the tray nd shade features an icy, frosted effect on the outside while gold colour spreads up the interior of the glass with transparent snowflakes to finish.

When the candle is lighting,  the flickering light from the flame glows through the snowflakes. This allows the warm ambience to shine through which brings the design to life.

The tray acts as a decorative placement for any medium and large sized Yankee candle whilst also adding a secondary means of support and protecting your surfaces.

The shape of the shade offers a beautiful show of light when placed on top of a lighting candle whilst allowing the aroma of your favourite festive candles fill your home.

Tray – 1cm x 18.2cm (height x diameter)

Shade – 10cm x 13.1cm (height x diameter)