Pecan Pie Bites Votive Candle

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Warm minature pecan pie pastries, sweetly spiced and the scent filling the evening air. Votive

Votive Candle 49g. 15 hours burn time. 4.8cm x 4.6cm

Yankee Candle Pecan Pie Bites

The oven has just opened and a tray of Pecan Pie Bites is being taken out. Pecan Pie is the quintessential autumn pie of America, first appearing in the 19th Century. Now you can experience this wonderful aroma of Autumn in this Yankee Candle fragrance. Mouth-watering scent of baked sweet pecan pie filled with toasted pecan nuts and autumnal spices. The top notes are Cinnamon Leaf, Burnt Sugar and Raw Honey, the middle notes are White Hazelnut, Pecan and Dark Chocolate, and a base of Clove, Oak Wood and Smoked Cedar.

Campfire Nights Collection – Autumn 2020

Yankee Candle’s Campfire Nights collection is inspired by autumn and the evocative scents of this wonderful time of year. Think of burning aged logs crackling away with the wood smoke carried on an autumn breeze.  Take in the scent of Oak wood, smoked cedar. Autumnal apples, spices and sweet gooey marshmallows. Bring yourself on a journey to a campfire surrounded by campfire treats and great family and friends with the flames dancing in the clear starry night.