Sparkling Cinnamon Large 2 wick Yankee Tumbler

€29.99 €19.95

New exclusive 2 wick decorated tumbler. Sparkling Cinnamon, Cinnamon stick, clove, cardamom, bay leaf and cedar wood. 

Increase the holiday ambiance in your home with a premium quality jar candle. Two wicks double the cinnamon stick and cloves fragrance created from natural essential oils. Enjoy an extended fragrance experience with this large candle's burn time of 75-110 hours. The sleek 22-ounce design works well with any Christmas decor. Makes a perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

  • Yankee Candle large decorative tumbler candle with Sparkling Cinnamon scent.
  • Fragrance: Cinnamon stick, clove, cardamom, bay leaf and cedar wood.
  • Made with premium quality ingredients with natural essential oils to create distinctive true-to-life scents.
  • Features 2 wicks for double the fragrance.
  • Decorated glass jar with brushed metal lid.
  • 75–110 hours burn time.
  • 22 oz.