Trilogy Café Sweets - Woodwick Hearthwick Candle

€37.95 €31.95

Woodwick Trilogy Candle - Three fragrances layered in one jar.


Café Sweets incorporates the scents of Vanilla Bean, Caramel and Biscotti.

Ellipse Jar with long "Hearth" wick. Made from a soy wax blend. 
Burntime - approx 60-80 hours - Due to length of its flame, Woodwick's Hearthwick candles produce a stronger scent that regular jars and thus also burn quicker.

Experience the cozy comfort of a glowing fireplace anywhere in your home. The soothing crackle and long, dancing flame of WoodWick® with Hearthwick® Flame allows you to relive fond memories or create new ones in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. So enjoy more than just a candle, because home is where the HEARTH is. (19cm x 12cm x 9cm)

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