Boles d'Olor Concentrated Mist Oil - Gardenia


The delicate, wild perfume of Gardenia. 50ml

Perfectly formulated and concentrated for use in the Boles d'Olor cold water mist diffusers, these little bottle pack a powerful punch. 

Just 10-20 drops will ensure a house of fragrance for a couple of days. 
A 50ml bottle gives 8-10 weeks of fragrance. The oil is also suitable for re-fragrancing potpourri. 
Gardenia is an ephemeral, delicate and wild flower as its perfume; so jealous of giving up its treasure that its essential oil cannot be distilled as it is destroyed when trying. The simple and yet splendid fragrance of a flower soaked on dew gently warmed by the sun. An addictive fragrance; sensuality and seduction explode in each drop.