Boles d'Olor Concentrated Mist Oil - Angels Charm


Our best seller. Like entering a spa - feminine, powerful, seductive. An oriental and sweet perfume. 50ml

Perfectly formulated and concentrated for use in the Boles d'Olor cold water mist diffusers, these little bottle pack a powerful punch.

Just 10-20 drops will ensure a house of fragrance for a couple of days. A 50ml bottle gives 8-10 weeks of fragrance.
The oil is also suitable for re-fragrancing potpourri.

An oriental and sweet perfume. A voluptuous, feminine and mysterious top note, with a powerful, persistent, intoxicating note. A delicious mid note that awakens the flavours and memories of childhood. And a base with notes of wind, sky, and infinite spaces. With this new fragrance your house will become a powerful Angel’s Charm that will bring fullness, serenity and elegance.