Boles d'Olor Concentrated Mist Oil - Vanilla Flower


Warm orchids before they become vanilla pods. Floral, sweet and seductive. 50ml


Perfectly formulated and concentrated for use in the Boles d'Olor cold water mist diffusers, these little bottle pack a powerful punch.

Just 10-20 drops will ensure a house of fragrance for a couple of days. A 50ml bottle gives 8-10 weeks of fragrance.
The oil is also suitable for re-fragrancing potpourri.

Delicious and elegant, as a book that tells the story of Vanilla a wonderful Orchid that grows up to become the voluptuous vanilla pod. Vibrant top note with the most floral traits of the Vanilla flower - a warm and seductive Orchid, but not sickly sweet. With Tiare, Ylang, a touch of Truffle, dark Chocolate and Almonds. Woody and balsamic base notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Benzoin.