Replacement Lamp Wick - Small

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Small Replacement Wick for use with Ashleigh & Burwood's Small Premium Fragrance Lamps


Small Replacement Wick for use with Ashleigh & Burwood's Small Premium Fragrance Lamps.


Does you wick need replacing? Or does it just need to be unblocked?


If you use your lamp regularly, the wick will need to be replaced about once every 10-12 months - or after using 5/6 500ml bottles of lamp fragrance.


As the stone in the wick system is a natural stone, it can sometimes become blocked with particles moving within the stone. Before buying a new wick, simply place the stone into  a small amount of lamp fragrnce and allow soak overnight and then use in the normal way.


Note that the flame on the stone should always be extinguished after 2-3 minutes - it is the heat from the stone rather than the flame that works the lamp.