Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-5kg

€29.95 €19.95

Medium 3-5kg himalayan salt lamp. Includes CE tested fitting & 2 light bulbs. Himalayan Salt contains 84 natural minerals and is beneficial to the air in which it is located. Unbeatable price of just €19.95 - complete with fitting and TWO bulbs

This is a medium 3-5kg Lamp and comes with TWO bulbs. - Spare bulbs also available. Only use 15w Pygmy bilbs in your salt lamps. 

We do not sell the smaller lamps as in some cases the lamp can become too hot to touch due to the smount of salt rock bewteen the outer shell and the light bulb itself. 

Our salt lamps come from the Khewra mine at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains where formation of the salt line is estimated  to be from 800 million years ago.

As well as being decorative, Salt lmap are belived to have many beneficial properties as salt itself is Hygroscopic - meaning that it attracts mosituire for the surrounding air.
Any particles of dust / pollutants in that moisture is "eaten" by the salt and the warmth of the lightbulb then discahrged the cleansed moisture back into the air.
IMPORTANT -  As above, salt attracts moisture, so will sometimes become wet especially if it is left off for long period. This is normal, and it can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. It is therefore also important that the lamp is not left ona  surface that can be easily marked by water.  
Benefits of Salt Lamps
1 - Attracts humidity
2 - removes dust and pollutants from the surrounding air
3 - Meutralises 'electronic pollution' in the air
4 - Reduces allergens and irritants
5 - Creates soothing effect
6 - Aids sleep
7 - Improves mood.