UnScented Tea lights Bag 30

€2.49 €1.95

We've been selling these unscented Tea Lights since 1999. Made in Germany by Telemark, they give an even flame and last 4-5 hours and will never let you down.

There are so may Tea Lights out there, that you simply don't know what to buy. What is value and what is not. Which ones burn best and which ones give less smoke.

Nearly all candles are made from parafin oil. The oil is then refined to take impurities out and is sold at various stages.

Telemark candles use food grade refined oils (just like Yankee Candle), thus you get a better quality candle, a better flame and less smoke.

At Candlewarehouse.ie, we have stocked Telemark since we commenced business 1999 and are very happy to recommend them for their quality and excellent value.