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Boles d'Olor Mist Diffusers & Oils

Boles d'Olor Mist Diffusers & Fragrance Oils

Boles d'Olor mist diffusers purify the air by absolving airborne bacteria and dust molecules into the unit. Boles d'Olor mist differs oils are specially formulated to disperse in cold water, allowing for the micro water vaper molecules to be airborne giving a beautiful fragrance to your home 

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NEW Boles d'Olor HIRO Mist Diffuser - The perfect complement to improve any atmosphere with aromas and colouts. It is ideal to use it in aromatherapy, as well as to humidify, as this makes the air quality better in any room. Choose between spouting mist or cascading mist. Choose single colour or colour changing. Auto shut-off 

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