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How do you present the favours?

Wedding favour place settings
The most popular way is to place them on the place settings. If you are giving one per "invite", then place them with the place cards with both names on a single place card where couples are invited.
More unusual ways of presenting the favours are:
  1. To Instruct the wait staff to pass the favours on silver trays before the meal or in between courses.
  2. Personally hand out favours to guests as they leave the reception. Keep in mind that this is one of the more hands-on ideas, so be sure you are up for the task. If you're not up for handing out the favours, but you still want that personal touch, have one of your bridal party members do the deed. – Hey, they signed up to it!

Ancient Customs to be mindful of!

And now a little reminder of some ancient Irish customs we have come across that will add a little tradition to your wedding…
Not often observed in modern times is the very ancient custom for the Bride and Groom to eat some salt (with oatmeal) on their wedding day to ward off evil spirits. A lot of the superstitions and omens that are associated with an Irish wedding have their root in Catholicism and Gaelic tradition.
Placing a statue of 'the Child of Prague' in the garden of the Bride prior to the wedding is supposed to ensure that her big day is blessed by nice weather. Some Brides bury the statue in their garden!
Getting married during a time of plenty, during a harvest, is a good omen for any newly married couple especially if one of the couple are from a farming family.
It is preferable that a man should be the first to wish joy to a new Bride, and never a woman.
On the wedding day itself it was always considered lucky to hear a cuckoo bird or to see three magpies together – in the nursery rhyme it says 3 for a girl suggesting a child – but ancient druid musings suggest that 3 magpies were the positive sign of a new life and in wedding parlance, a new life as a couple.
A wedding party should always avoid crossing paths with a Funeral procession. – I don’t think that needs any explanation, though both are regarded as celebration!
And FINALLY…your wedding day is YOUR day. If you have little idiosyncrasies, make them part of the celebration. If you want jelly and ice cream, have jelly and ice cream. If you want everyone to wear denim, ask them to wear denim. If you want James Blunt, if you really really really want James Blunt and you know that EVERYONE else hates his songs (even himself) then have James Blunt. Its YOUR wedding day, have a great day and have memories of the day that will last a lifetime.
The ultimate great day is when you are asked 25 years later if you would have done anything differently (besides having a different groom!) and your answer is no. It was a perfect day!
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