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Today's wedding favours

Today, small gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favours and are shared in cultures worldwide. Wedding favours have become a part of wedding reception planning, and Wedding favours usually complement the theme or season of the event.

Wedding favours are regarded as small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.
Some small weddings would go for extravagant gifts such as crystal or silverware, but the best loved and versatile favours we find are Yankee Candle Wedding Favours. Classic favours can range from the classic sugared almonds or individual chocolates to the fabulous Yankee Candles Wedding day votives that we do.
As a great addition, maybe have a Medium or Large Wedding Day jar burning in the reception area. 
Other more unusual favours include: CDs with the favourite music of the bride and groom, shot glasses filled with coloured sweets or silver picture frames with a photo of the couple. Whilst for many Wedding favours are seen to be small tokens of appreciation for attending the wedding we like to also think that they also serve as souvenirs from the wedding.
Most couples want to be sure that people remember their special day, so a beautifully scented Yankee Candle Wedding Day votive is perfect on all counts - personalised with the couple's names and wedding date, hence a well-received, beautifully scented personalised souvenir of the wedding that will be used and appreciated by the recipient rather than left behind.

A couple of questions we are asked…

Do you have to give wedding favours to every guest, or can you give them per couple?
It's totally fine to give favours per couple or "per invite" so that guests who are singles don't feel left out. The way to do this is to put them with place cards, with couples place cards having both names on them and the favour sitting beside it – or having place card "tags" that can be attached to the favours.

Is it essential to give wedding favours?
You may think we'd just ignore a question like this – but your wedding day is YOUR day and YOU choose what you want. There are two schools of thought on the subject. Some believe that, no, favours are not needed. After all, you're already wining and dining your nearest and dearest. Others think you should show your appreciation to guests for taking time out of their lives to celebrate with you. OK - we tend to agree with the latter. This doesn't mean that you have to sweep guests off their feet with an Oscar-style gift bag, rather, a nice scented Wedding Day votive with personalised label is a perfect well priced memento that will be gratefully received. Plus, it's the little details that take your wedding up a notch: from a gathering to a stylish celebration.

The cost of favours

At we understand weddings are expensive days, so because most favour orders are "bulk" sale, we give a bulk price and a bonus too for order of 100 or more.
If you were to buy the Wedding day votives individually and then buy organza bags to fit them and then get labels printed with your wedding details, you'd be looking at over €3 each – but we bulk buy ourselves and pass the savings on to you, so our price is just €1.75 per favour and this includes the Wedding Day Votive, the organza bag (choice of over 10 colours) and the personalised label.
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