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Fragrance Layering

Layering fragrances has been used for many years in the fragrance and cosmetic industry for several years now, it’s all about using multiple forms of fragrance.

At Yankee Candle®, fragrance layering involves using at least two kinds of products of the same, similar, or complementary scent.

Layering with different candle forms

You can use multiple candles to create fragrance layering. Or you can combine candles with reed diffusers, Tarts® wax melts or even room sprays.

They all can work together as long as you select similar or complementary fragrances.

Using complementary scents

There are times of the year when your favourite candle fragrance may not be available in other fragrance products, why not use complementary fragrances to create a signature fragrance that's unique to you.

It's easy to do simply use a combination of complementary fragrances from the same or multiple fragrance forms including:

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