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Yankee Mixology

Fragrance Mixology - Create your own unique fragrance or try one of our favorite recipes! Mix 2 or more Yankee Candle fragrances to create your own unique Yankee Candle scent. Mix them either by using a mix of wax tarts in a tart burner or a mix of votives. See a list of fragrances our Yankee colleagues in the USA created - create your own and tell us about it on our facebook page

Apple Snaps: Apple Cider and Almond Cookie
Apple Wine: Apple Cider and Napa Valley Harvest

Autumn Fruit Basket: Autumn Fruit, Spiced Orange and Orchard Pear
Autumn Harvest: Spiced Orange, Cranberry Chutney, and Vineyard®

Baked Pears: Creamy Caramel and Orchard Pear

Cemetery Gates: Fresh Cut Roses and Home Sweet Home®
Cider Donut: Apple Cider and Be Thankfulâ„¢

Crisp Mountain Air:Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Clean Cotton®

Fresh Air: Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Drift Awayâ„¢
Funnel Cake: Creamy Caramel and Vanilla Cupcake

Honeymoon Hills: Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Wedding Day®
Kentucky Blend: Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Black Cherry

Midnight Moon: Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Midsummer’s Night®

Mulled Cider: Apple Cider and Cinnamon Stick

Mulled Punch: Apple Cider, Mandarin Cranberry and Spiced Orange

Poison Apple: Macintosh Spice and Midsummer’s Night®

Rice Pudding: Creamy Caramel, Cinnamon Stick, and French Vanilla

Ripe Autumn Fruit: Mandarin Cranberry and Autumn Fruit

Romantic Retreat:Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Fresh Cut Roses

Sparkling Sangria: Spiced Orange and Pomegranate Cider

Spiced Cookie: Spiced Orange and Almond Cookie

Super Clean: Spiced Orange and Lemon Lavender

Taffy Apple: Creamy Caramel, French Vanilla and Macintosh Spice

Vanilla Caramel: Creamy Caramel and French Vanilla

Vanilla Musk: Mountain Lodgeâ„¢ and Lavender Vanilla

Vintner’s Magic: Autumn Fruit, Fresh Cut Roses, and Napa Valley Harvest

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