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Yankee Candle Autumn 2020 Preview

The snowdrops have yet to make an appearance, but we're already looking ahead to Autumn and Christmas 2020 with Yankee Candle

This is the Autumn Preview - For Yankee Candle Christmas 2020 Preview CLICK HERE

Yankee Candle Autumn 2020

Here's our preview of new Autumn Yankee Candle fragrances and new producst and styles.


Let's start with breaking news...

Wax Melts as we know them are gone! 

They've been a mainstay of the range for over 30 yearsnand they are gettign a makeover for the new decade. Gone is the flat tart-like shape with hard to open plastic wrapping and it is replaced by a new cup style in an easy to open recyable packaging.

We are awaing more details, but it is a new wax formula which will allow a higher level of fragarnce oil thus providing a stronger scent.

They are Launching in early July.


another product that is getting a makeover is the Scent Plug bases - technology has moved on since the current bases were introduced almost 20 years ago.

The new Scent Plugs will provide a more even and consistent fragrance that will fill the room. New designs too will enhance the decor.

No change to the shape of the refills - so they can still be used with both the current Scent Plugs and the new style.

Launching July.


A New Product category - Sleep Diffusers

Using Ultrasonic technology, mood lighting and specially formulated essential oil blends, Yankee Candle's new sleep diffusers will relax your mind and help you get a great night's sleep.

Initially it will be available in two models - brown as below and a silver model. 

There will be three oil blends available depending on the tyoe of sleep you are looking for.  The capsule is simply inserted into the uit and it will give up to 30 days of sleep inducing fragrance. 

The unit will have both a nightlight effect and a timer and the starter pack will retail of €49.95 with 30 day capsules seling at 9.95 

and to what you ahve been waiting for....

...New Autumn 2020 Yankee Candle Fragrances



Carve out and light a gleefully grinning pumpkin with a bright spooky glow. Cast a moody, mystical, spell over your “haunted“ house with eerie candlelight, and prepare to scare the neighbourhood trick-or-treaters – just a little bit!

Haunted Hayride & Trick or Treat return and they are joined by a new addition, Pumpkin Patch.

There's no word on accessories yet - we'll know ina  few days.

Elevation - This range goes from strength to strength and the two new Autumn fragrances are show stoppers.

Grapevine and Saffron 

Jasmine & Sweet Hay

Fragrance descriptions will be added when they become available - but they look stunning...

In the Classic Yankee Candle range for Autumn 2020 there are four new fragrances

The overal theme of the collection is Camfire Nights - it continues the general theme of the year of reconnecting with people and simplying your life. Bring friends and family together and relax and enjoy the dancing flames of a campfire under clear night skies.

The 4 fragrances in the collection are   

Warm & Cozy

Crisp Campfire Apples

A Night Under the Stars

Pecan Pie Bites

Fragarnce descriptiosn will be added when they become available, but the images look stunning...

Again, like most Autumn Yankee Candle products, launch date is July 2020.


I think you'll agree it quite a line up fro Autumn. We're especially excited about the sleep diffusers and we'll keep this page updated as we find out more information on the various products.

For Yankee Candle Christmas 2020 Preview CLICK HERE


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