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Payment completion issues

Payment completion issues (affects small number of orders) - You can call us at 045 409028 and we can take payment by phone if any of the following does not apply.  

1 - Ensure no special characters are in the address or phone field.  eg plus symbol (+ as in +353), apostrophes (') and brackets or you have inadvertently put the letter'o' instead of the number '0'

2 - Ensure the billing address and phone number match those of the card you are paying with

3 - Ensure a mobile number is in the phone field it may need to match the number you bank has as a final security measure    

Why is this now required?

This year new EU payment regulations for online payments were introduced. All websites had to implement it by April 1st, we implemented it in early February.

It is called the PSD2 Directive / Strong Customer Authentication and adds a further layer of protection to your cards. It also mean that customer details and card details must closely match. Sometimes the use of apostrophes and characters such as & ( " + and commas can also affect authentication as some bank software will not always reconise these characters. Billing address and phone number must also match bank records.

Almost all banking sytems have now been updated, but there can still be the odd issue that prevents a payment being confirmed 

If this happens you have two alternatives

  1. Call us here at 045 409028 and we can take payment by phone. (your order details will be on our system)
  2. Opt to pay via the PayPal option. A PayPal account is not required to pay through their page.   



Here’s a simplified graphic of how an online payment now works with up to four connections between systems

What’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

SCA requires a customer to authenticate themselves for a transaction using at least two independent factors. These factors can be:
• Something the customer knows (for example, a PIN number or password)
• Something the customer is (biometrics, such as a finger print or voice recognition)
• Something the customer is in possession of (for example, a card or a mobile phone)


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