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Payment completion issues

Payment completion issues (affects small number of orders)

This year new EU payment regulations for online payments were introduced. All websites had to implement it by April 1st, we implemented it in early February.

It is called the PSD2 Directive / Strong Customer Authentication and adds a further layer of protection to your cards.

Not all banks have updated their systems to provide a seamless process, thus about 5% of orders do not proceed to completion even when a code is entered.

If this happens you have two alternatives

  1. Call us here at 045 409028 and we can take payment by phone. (your order details will be on our system)
  2. Opt to pay via the PayPal option. A PayPal account is not required to pay through their page.   

It is expected that all banks will gradually update their systems over the coming weeks.


Here’s a simplified graphic of how an online payment now works with up to four connections between systems

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