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Millefiori Milano

At we are delighted to announce the arrival of Millefiori Milano from Italy. 


Our range of Millefiori products will include Reed Diffusers, Scented Candles, Diffuser refills, Room Sprays, Mist Diffusers & Mist Diffuser oils

Millefiori Milano is unquestionably one of Europe’s leading producers of home fragrances and its name translates into "a thousand flowers".

Located in Italy, MILLEFIORI has an extensive and long-time expertise, where refined home fragrances meet beautifully designed décor items to perfume your world and decorate it with style.

With a distinctive olfactory signature, MILLEFIORI fragrances bring to life scented stories which evoke emotion and speak about your personality, thus creating unique atmospheres

A constant attention to detail and quality is reflected in the choice of highly selected scents and design-led solutions which represent the brand.


To perfume your world and decorate it with style. This is Millefiori mission.

A unique experience based on a special fragrance, a stylish accessory, a dedicated space: a selection of diffusers and designs that create atmosphere and reflect the personality of the people who have chosen them.

The primary range we will be stocking is the "Naturals" collection

This is the classic Millefiori Experience, where fragrances meet design to offer elegant products.  It is a lively and colourful range of fragrances perfect for adding a personal touch to your home.

Millefiori Naturals brings you through a journey of personal lifestyle, by perfuming your world and decorating it with style through Millefiori diffusers and fragrances:

Millefiori responds to the inspirations of each of your spaces as well as of your way of being. In a way the fragrance you choose diffuses your personality into the air.


We will also have the beautiful, elegant Millefiori Hydro diffusers. Using ultrasonic movement, it diffuses a fine mist into the air combining water and just a few drops of Millefiori's concentrated water soluble fragrance


Our collection will comprise of three Hydro diffusers and 8 elegant fragarnces from the Millefiori range.

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