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Candlewarehouse Discount Code Policy Discount Codes and Voucher Codes

Some customers have brought to our attention that there are numerous different websites offering discount vouchers for our store.


We have a policy of not using discount codes and offer the same great deals and low prices to all customers at all times which is far fairer to everyone.


We are aware that some unreputable sites say that they offer codes when you do a search for “Candlewarehouse discount codes” or "Candlewarehouse Voucher Codes" and as a result a number of our customers are being misled into entering details to claim a voucher code, or being directed via these websites to our website with the claim of a percentage off products. 


We want to be abundantly clear that these websites are not connected in any way with us and are using the Candlewarehouse name without permission. Any codes from third party websites that say they offer extra discounts and codes will not work – we do not even give a place for these codes to be entered.


Some voucher code websites are fraudulent and mislead you into entering personal data by promising discounts that are not valid. The sources behind these fraudulent sites can potentially use your information and combine this with other sources to bombard your with spam emails and phone texts, many of which contain virus links.


You will therefore always find the best price by going directly to our site and you will always be assured of our best offers and 5 star service at all times.


Thank You

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