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Yankee Candle Woodwick | Ashleigh Burwood | Ireland Blog

25 August 2019 - Woof Woof How dogs use their nose

What particularly fascinates me about dogs is their nose and how they spend her their days sniffing everything around them and always locating the water bowl no matter where you place it. Water is near odourless – yet a dog’s nose could sniff it out instantly.   This aroused ... More!

25 August 2019 - What does "wake up and smell the coffee" mean?

Wake Up and smell the coffee Time to wake up and smell the coffee – it’s an often repeated phrase, mainly used to get people to see reality but the phrase is actually very true in its literal sense.   We take a lot of things for granted without thinking too much of the scie ... More!

25 August 2019 - Yankee Candle Christmas 2019

The Yankee Candle Story In the Northwest of the United States, on the occasion of Christmas 1969, a 16-year-old student creates a scented candle for his mother using wax, string and red pencils fills in a jar - the birth of Yankee Candle USA! He was developing a passion that captured around th ... More!

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