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6 October 2022 - The New Yankee Candle Signature Collection

  New Season, New Candles! Embrace the change with us at We are saying Goodbye to 30 Classic Large & Medium Jars. You can view and shop them here in our Goodbye Sale from €15.95. In January 2023, we will launch Yankee Candles new collection of&n ... More!

5 October 2022 - No Hygge recipe is complete without candles

Our top tips to help you achieve Hygge in Your Home This Cosy Season with the help of Candles! Hooga? Hyooguh? Hy-chee? According to “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking, Hygee isn’t something you spell – just like Winnie the Pooh famously said “You don&r ... More!

28 September 2022 -  Candle Hacks - Maximise Your Burn Time

Candle Hacks Little known ways to maximise your burn time Do you find yourself burning through candles like they’re going out of fashion? With the colder & darker months ahead, we will be spending more times indoors which means we will have our candles out earleir & bur ... More!

28 September 2022 - Test Your Yankee Candle Knowledge Quiz

Loading... ... More!

7 September 2022 - How To Rock Your Room Spray

Rock your room spray with these top tips: Sniff, sniff…what is that smell? Do you notice odors in your home or where you work? Don’t be surprised if the answer is “no.” Many of us become accustomed to odors around us that we don’t notice pet smells, cooking odor ... More!

28 August 2022 - Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall The only thing getting lit this weekend are my autumn candles! With the arrival of Witches’ Brew to Candlewarehouse & the dreamy scents of the Fall in Love With YC Autumn 2022 Collection, we are ready to activate Autumn mode! Wit ... More!

16 June 2022 - Benefits Of Using A Car Diffuser

Benefits Of Using A Car Diffuser We spend a lot of time in our cars between school runs, being the mam & dad taxi, trips to the gym and weekends away. On average we spend about 1 hour per day in our cars, thats 15 days per year when you really think about it. With so much driving,it's ... More!

16 June 2022 - Summer Fragrance Personality Quiz

What is your Summer Fragrance Personality? Find the perfect signature scent for you (or someone else!) with help from our Summer Fragrance Personality Quiz. You check the weather app on your phone & we’re in for a scorcher – what’s the plan for the day? A. Some peacef ... More!

29 April 2022 - Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Mango Pineapple Smoothie   While your whipping up delicious smoothies in the kitchen, set the summer mood with Mango Ice Cream from Yankee Candles Summer 2022 Collection   This Mango Pineapple Smoothie combines the deliciously refreshing taste of mango and pineapple fr ... More!

22 February 2022 - Scenting Your Home For Spring

Scenting Your Home For Spring The second the first new baby buds start to sprout on the trees and we can feel the initial little hints of warmth in the air it gives us the get up and go to to make our homes smell like Spring! This fresh and beautiful season entices us to bring the scents of th ... More!

11 February 2022 - Upcycled Candle Jar Ideas

Before used candle jars are thrown away, or even recycled, they can be repurposed around the house, keeping them out of landfills and reducing the use of plastic for storage and gift-giving. There are so many pluses to upcycling - you will help the environment, save natural resources, reduce wast ... More!

8 February 2022 - Forget Roses We Want Candles This Valentines Day

Don't leave it up to chance this Valentines - know what you want & go after it! Share this gift guide with your loved ones, it's filled with candles & gift sets that will leave you smitten! Whether you're sharing this with your partner as a not so subtle hint, searching fo ... More!

7 February 2022 - Origami Paper Crane

Join @home_with_plants on Instagram & Yankee Candle for a moment of mindfulness and learn how to fold a traditional paper crane.  According to Japanese tradition, it was believed that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, your wish would come true. The crane has always been a strong sym ... More!

31 January 2022 - Yankee Candle Autumn/Winter 2022 Exclusive Preview

Yankee Candles special talent is always giving us fragrances that inspire us to savour the moments, create a story and create an ambience of special memories. This year started out with a beautiful floral bang with the release of all new Sakura Blossom Festival Collection fragrances with more of the ... More!

25 January 2022 - How To Choose The Right Fragrances Shopping Online

How to choose the right fragrances for you when shopping online? The very essence of a candle is it’s scent which is sadly lost in the process of buying home fragrances online. Unfortunately scratch & sniff technology is yet to be available on our computers & tablets (hurry up A ... More!

6 January 2022 - Energise your Workspace With Fragrance

Energise your workspace in 2022 Make 2022 a successful & productive year with fragrance whether you’re working from home or at the office. A lot of us are still using our make shift offices at home so the transition from Christmas holiday mode to work mode in the same living spac ... More!

5 January 2022 - Relax and Recharge This January

Our favourite products to help us Relax & Recharge this January  Christmas is over, and the New Year has come. A lot of us can feel tired and fatigued after the Christmas rush and the additional stresses current circumstances have thrown at us. Here are some of our own remedies th ... More!

23 December 2021 - Fireside Cocktail

WoodWick Candles Signature Fragrance, 'Fireside' balances the natural scents of amber, vetiver, and musk to ignite the holiday spirit. WoodWick invites you to pair Fireside with this seasonal cocktail combining a slight bitterness with warming notes of almond, earl grey, and molasses ... More!

8 December 2021 - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas with our top home fragrances of the season! It would be impossible not to get into the spirit when your olfactory senses are tickled by the scents of gingerbread, sweet cookies, cinnamon & christmas trees! The Christmas Season is not just about gift-giv ... More!

8 December 2021 - Try The New Yankee Candle Signature Collection Fragrances

Yankee Candle Filled Votive Candles are a beautiful way to bring warming fragrances to your home! Votives are a great for layering or sampling fragrances. This week we introduced the ALL NEW Signature Collection Fragrances in the form of glass filled votive candles. We have each fragrance availab ... More!

24 November 2021 - Late Late Toy Show Hot Chocolate Recipe

For many families across Ireland, the Toy Show is the signal that Christmas has well and truly arrived, and it never fails to deliver plenty of fun and heartwarming moments. Before it's time to huddle around the TV once more, make it extra special with our Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe & ... More!

3 November 2021 - Let’s Talk Yankee Candles Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers

Let’s Talk Yankee Candles Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers As you have probably noticed we have been raving on our social media lately about Yankee Candle’s Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers. The Pre-fragranced Reed Diffuser Kits are now over HALF PRICE in our CLEARANCE SALE €7.95 ( ... More!

21 October 2021 - The Fragrance Pyramid Explained

Do you take the time to discover the top, middle and base notes when you discover a new candle or fragrance for the first time? The architecture of a perfume is visually represented in the form of an olfactory pyramid. The structure of the perfume according to the olfactory pyramid can be observ ... More!

21 October 2021 - Scents of the Seasons – What is your fragrance personality?

Scents of the Seasons – What is your fragrance personality As the seasons change, we tend to change our fragrance tastes to match. For example this Autumn Yankee Candle released The Woodland Road Trip collection filled with earthy, woody and sweet fragrance notes to transition us into t ... More!

21 October 2021 - The Ollfactory Families

The Ollfactory Families Olfactory families are used to classify scents according to their main olfactory characteristic. By knowing the olfactory families we can create a permanent bond that we are looking for when we choose “our” fragrance. Eugène Rimmel was a French ... More!

19 October 2021 - Boo it yourself Halloween Jar Upcycle

BOO it yourself this Halloween! You know all those Yankee Candle Jar empties you’ve been hanging on to because you promised yourself you will do something creative with them!? Make some spooky crafts and Upcycle your finished candle jars into easy peasy, light-up Halloween decorations! ... More!

12 October 2021 - Time To Say Goodbye, Retiring Yankee Candle Fragrances

Yankee Candle have had many fragrances come and go over the last 52 years. With new releases and fragrance trends, it is now time to say goodbye to retiring Yankee Candle Fragrances – but don’t despair we have the perfect alternatives & there are brand new fragrances on the way s ... More!

23 September 2021 - Autumn Snack Recipe Inspired by YC Farm Fresh Peach

Autumn Snack Inspiration: Grilled Peach Toast with Mascarpone and Honey inspired by the new Farm Fresh Peach Yankee Candle. Remember to save or screenshot! You will need: -Your appetite -A sandwich toaster or grill -Fresh peach, sliced -2 Slices of bread -1 tbsp mascarpon ... More!

16 September 2021 - Learn to Train Your Nose

Part 2 of our What the Nose Knows Series - An awakening to a world of fragrance with our top tips to train your nose You don’t need to be able to recognise the ingredients in a candle fragrance to enjoy it - in fact many people relish the mystery of unidentifiable accords. Sometimes the ... More!

13 September 2021 - 5 of Our Favourite Woodland Walks in Ireland

Did you know the Japanese have a word for “Forest Bathing”? They refer to it as Shinrin-yoku. It translates to that feeling of losing yourself in amongst the trees, enjoying the sounds, scents and fresh air that nature has to offer around you. Walking amongst the forest and nature is ... More!

30 August 2021 - Weird & Wonderful Smelly Facts

Part One: Let’s Nose Dive into some Weird & Wonderful Smell Facts...   Smell is considered to be the oldest sense. It may be an everyday, ordinary sensation but the more closely we dive into the world of smells, the more extra-ordinary and fascinating they become! From th ... More!

19 July 2021 - Guest Blog Yankee Candle Collector Sharyn Denihan

Light of my life – We hear from Candle Collector Sharyn Denihan on her impressive Yankee Candle Collection Have you ever entered into a home that didn’t have a candle? Candles are one of the most enjoyable and affordable luxury items available to everyone. They are not only beauti ... More!

9 July 2021 - Rainbow Cookie Recipe

Who doesn't love rainbows? We were inspired this Friday afternoon by Yankee Candles Rainbow Cookie! Looking for something fun (& yummy) to do with the kids over the weekend, well here is just the thing! Here is what you will need for the ultimate Rainbow Cookie baking experience: & ... More!

7 July 2021 - How to use Candle Tools and Accessories

Prolong the Life of your Candle With Candle Tools & Accessories Whether you are a self confessed proud candle connoisseur or new to the candle world we want you to get the absolute most out of your candles! We find that many candle tools & accessories often go overlooked as many pe ... More!

24 June 2021 - Feeling Thirsty? Yankee Candle Inspired Thirst Quenchers

Our Summer Sale has us feeling thirsty! Passionfruit Martini, Calamansi Cocktail & Homemade Herb Lemonade are on the menu today – which will you choose to try this weekend? Passionfruit Martini Sit back, relax and savor a tropical mix of passion fruit, mango, and zesty orang ... More!

21 June 2021 - Scents For Small Spaces

Looking for the perfect small space solution to stale air and lingering odours? Our Flameless Fragrance solutions work everywhere. From a small home office, the car, a modest bathroom, or a mini bedroom we have the soloution for you! The scent of your home is an incredibly important aspect ... More!

17 June 2021 - The Best Way To Make Your Laundry Smell Extra Good

The Best Way To Make Your Laundry Smell Extra Good

Nothing gives all-day comfort like the smell of freshly laundered clothes. But the washing machine alone isn’t enough to achieve a feel-good fragrance that lingers all day. Here is a top tip from Boles d'Olor to give your laundry an extra fragrance boost! Simply add a few dro ... More!

2 June 2021 - There Is More To Fragrance Than Just Scent

There Is More To Fragrance Than Just Scent

There Is More To Fragrance Than Just Scent Mood Boosting fragrances to introduce into your home this Summer There is more to fragrance than just it’s scent! Candles can be a gateway to fond memories, experiences & can have a profound effect on how we feel. Our sensory system i ... More!

25 May 2021 - A Guide To Reusing Your Old Candle Jars

You are coming to the end of your favourite Candle fragrance and wondering what to do with your finished candle jar – so instead of putting them into ther clear glass recycling bins at your bottle bank (yes jars are perfectly suitable for bottle banks even with wax left in them) we ha ... More!

29 April 2021 - Yankee Candle Autumn/Winter Returning Fragrances 2021

Yankee Candle Autumn/Winter Returning Fragrances 2021

Now Available to Order! Yankee Candle Have Released More Returning Fragrances Back by popular demand, Yankee Candles Returning Favourites have been chosen by you! After thousands of votes and lots of excitement, it was decided that the following fragrances would return; Autumn Leaves, Alm ... More!

29 April 2021 - The Benefits Of Reed Diffusers In Your Home

The Benefits Of Reed Diffusers In Your Home

The scent of your home is an incredibly important aspect of overall well-being and comfort. Your sense of smell is actually a powerful trigger for your brain and can prompt very different physical responses based on the various fragrances in your home. Certain smells encourage people to be ... More!

16 March 2021 - Exlcusive Preview Winter 2021 Yankee Candle

Exlcusive Preview Winter 2021 Yankee Candle

Introducing This Years Yankee Candle Winter Collection 2021 Yankee Candle invites you to break away from the traditional, with a new take on the Countdown to Christmas. There is a whole season of activities to be celebrated - all things merry and bright. While some festive traditions stay, there& ... More!

12 March 2021 - Exlcusive Preview Autumn 2021 Yankee Candle

Exlcusive Preview Autumn 2021 Yankee Candle

Woohoo....Autumn Collection Now Available To Order Online! Click here to experience the Woodland Road Trip Collection Introducing The Woodland Roadtrip Collection for Autumn 2021     A shared journey, through the woods and the great outdoors with leavesboasting vibrant a ... More!

9 March 2021 - Boles d'Olor Barcelona New Home Fragrance Range

Boles d'Olor Barcelona New Home Fragrance Range

Let us transport you into the world of the inspiring Boles d'Olor Home Fragrance Range. When we at were looking for a new range to complement the Yankee Candle range, we needed to look no further than Yankee Candle’s partner in Spain who have their own hugely succ ... More!

25 February 2021 - Back for more... Returning Yankee Candle Fragrances Available Now

Back for more... Returning Yankee Candle Fragrances Available Now

Back for more... Returning Yankee Candle Fragrances now available to order at Which one will you choose? Pink Lady Slipper -  (delayed until 1st Week April) A wonderfully soft,delicate fragrance with sweet spring bouquet, reminiscent of lovely rose petals, jasm ... More!

12 February 2021 - Coconut Porridge Inspired By The Last Paradise Coconut Rice Cream

Coconut Porridge Inspired By The Last Paradise Coconut Rice Cream

  Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect Valentine's breakfast date with Yankee Candles Coconut Porridge Bowl recipe inspired by The Last Paradise Coconut Rice Cream. Coconut Porridge Bowl (Serves 2) - 150g porridge oats - 450ml coconut milk - 100g frozen raspberries ... More!

12 January 2021 - Candle Safety Tips

Read More about our Yankee Candle Safety Tips here ... More!

4 January 2021 - Our Top Self Care Tips & Products For The New Year

Our Top Self Care Tips & Products For The New Year

Sleep Good & Feel Good For The New Year   Christmas is over, and the New Year has come. A lot of us can feel tired and fatigued after the Christmas rush and the additional stresses current circumstances have thrown at us. Here are some of our own remedies that can help you tack ... More!

9 December 2020 - Sleep Good & Feel Good With The All New Yankee Candle Sleep Diffusers

Sleep Good & Feel Good With The All New Yankee Candle Sleep Diffusers

Yankee Candles All New Sleep Diffusers and Refills have arrived at They create a relaxing atmosphere for great sleep! Choose from three fragrances, each specially blended with ingredients known for their calming properties, such as lavender, eucalyptus and cedarwood.Simply in ... More!

7 October 2020 - The All New Heritage Collection

One of the most popular ranges of products here at are the Ashleigh and Burwood catalytic Fragrance Lamps. They have added a beautiful new collection of Fragrances & Frangrance Lamps this Autumn bringing the character of a bygone era into the modern age. Freshen & purif ... More!

22 September 2020 - Introducing Boles d’Olors Pet Remedies Range

  Something we can all agree on here at is that we all love dogs. Whether they’re big, small, fluffy, yappers, chasers of tails, stealers of socks or dare we say smelly. They are a companion like no other and we adore them like they are our own children. Dogs a ... More!

22 August 2020 - The Story Behind Boles dOlors 4 Thieves Hand Sanitising Gel

So, what exactly is the 4 Thieves (Los 4 La Drones) Blend that Boles d’Olor have produced their essential oil based hand sanitising formula from? There is a fascinating story of French folklore behind this Aromatherapy oil blend that led it to its name. The Bubonic Plague ran rampant thr ... More!

25 August 2019 - Woof Woof How dogs use their nose

What particularly fascinates me about dogs is their nose and how they spend her their days sniffing everything around them and always locating the water bowl no matter where you place it. Water is near odourless – yet a dog’s nose could sniff it out instantly.   This aroused ... More!

25 August 2019 - We Smell with our brain

Wake Up and smell the coffee Time to wake up and smell the coffee – it’s an often repeated phrase, mainly used to get people to see reality but the phrase is actually very true in its literal sense.   We take a lot of things for granted without thinking too much of the scie ... More!

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