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Summer Fragrance Personality Quiz

16 June 2022

What is your Summer Fragrance Personality? Find the perfect signature scent for you (or someone else!) with help from our Summer Fragrance Personality Quiz.

You check the weather app on your phone & we’re in for a scorcher – what’s the plan for the day?

A. Some peaceful gardening

B. Let’s go for a hike!

C. Garden party with friends

D. To the Beach!


Choose a Summer meal –

A. Summer Salad filled with fresh produce with lemon, mint & herb dressing

B. BBQ Meats, Skewered Vegetables with Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes

C. A beautiful Instagrammable smoothie bowl

D. A 99 with a flake sitting looking out at the waves!


You’re at the shop, what’s in your basket?

A. Organic Fruits & Vegetables Ripe tomatoes, fresh pasta and vibrant basil, for a gourmet Italian dinner

 B. Almonds, Cashews, Lots of water, citronella spray!

C. Juicy fruits & appetisers for your guests, sweet deserts, a bouquet of peonies outdoor candles & lanterns for the added ambience!

D. Picnic essentials, Sun-Cream & treats for the fam!


What’s your favourite time on a Summers day?

A. Sunrise: you love a dreamy, cotton candy-coloured sky

B. Late afternoons: it’s the ideal time for adventure

C.  Sunset: romance is your middle name

D. Early a.m: for crisp morning sea swims and cool air


You’re lounging by the pool, what is your drink of choice?

A. A lemon Iced Tea with a dash of mint

B. Iced Caramel Coffee

C. A smoothie filled with local fruits & berries

D. A fruity cocktail


You have booked a week off for a Summer trip – where are you going?

A. Tuscany – here I come!

B. Off to hike the famous El Camino de Santiago in Spain

C. Off to lie by the pool for the week in a Luxury 5* Resort in Santorini

D. A yoga & surfing trip in Bali!


Mostly A’s

Summer home fragrances we recommend for you include…

Yankee Candle Sunny Day Dream

Tranquil Garden Yankee Large Jar Candle

Fresh Rain Outdoor Candle

Yankee Candle Iced Berry Lemonade set of Three Filled Votives



Mostly B’s

Summer home fragrances we recommend for you include…

WoodWick Candle Pressed Blooms & Patchouli WoodWick Large Jar

Yankee Candle Cliffside Sunrise

Yankee Candle Majestic Mount Fuji

WoodWick Candle Sage & Myrrh


Mostly C’s

Summer home fragrances we recommend for you include…

Yankee Candle Red Raspberry

Fruits of Summer Trilogy Large Woodwick Jar

Orange Blossom & Mandarin Ashleigh & Burwood Life in Bloom

Yankee Candle Linden Tree Blossoms Outdoor Candle



Mostly D’s

Summer home fragrances we recommend for you include…

Beach Walk Large Yankee Candle Jar

At The Beach WoodWick Large Jar

Island Getaway Trilogy Hearthwick Woodwick Jar

Sea Spray - Boles d'Olor

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