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Energise your Workspace With Fragrance

6 January 2022

Energise your workspace in 2022

Make 2022 a successful & productive year with fragrance whether you’re working from home or at the office.

A lot of us are still using our make shift offices at home so the transition from Christmas holiday mode to work mode in the same living space was probably the least exciting or motivating experience coming into the New Year.

Let us help you change that….

...Don’t ever underestimate the power fragrance can have! Fragrance has some serious mood altering abilities. By utilising the right scents at work or at home, it can aid you and/or your team stay motivated, refreshed, relaxde and more importantly productive! We’ve created this handy guide to the best fragrances for your home office, work office or if you own a business you might even get some inspiration to bring in some new fragrances for your team!


Top Fragrances to take note of:


Citrus scents—orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and more—are superstars when it comes to boosting your mood! The familiar fresh and uplifting scent of citruses comes from their main chemical component, d-limonene. Some studies suggest this component supports the part of the nervous system that's responsible for relaxation. In other words, it can decrease stress. When choosing fragrances for uplifting your mood, creating a happy, relaxed atmosphere look for the Citrus family! Other ways of bringing citrus into your workspace would be to drink some hot water with lemon wedges, or adding citrusy fruits to your water, not only will you feel good but you will reap the health benefits too!


Rosemary is well known for helping to clear your mind. Rosemary offers a huge range of benefits and is strong, woodsy and fresh. This works best when you know you've a big deadline coming up or you've a large workload. Breath in the scents of Rosemary or if you have fresh Rosemary sprigs pop them at your desk!


The beautiful floral scent of jasmine is one of our favourites. Jasmine creates helps to create those thoughts of happy, happy, happy! Breathing in the scent of jasmine  uplifts the mind, helps you to focus and can help induce a restufl nights sleep.


Eucalyptus in its pure form is probably the most soothing scent a person can experience. It is added to a lot of candle fragrances for this reason. It's refreshing scent is known to boost mental clarity.


Lavender, as we all know, is jam packed full of calming properties. Perfect for winding down after a logn day. Use a lavender scent towards the end of the day to help you get into relaxation mode for when you're finished! If you're looking for mini lavender respites during the working day while keeping your hands sanitised, try out the Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Sanitising Hand Gel.


When your workspace/home office is in need of a jolt of uplifting energy, a beautiful scented candle is an ideal fix. Here at ,we know all about working hard and being in an office or at a desk from morning until evening can take a toll on us all. However, our serious candle addiction comes to the rescue every day as we always have the best fragrances to see us through.


Here are some of our favourite candles & fragrance soloutions, perfect for any workspace,office or home office.

1. Yankee Candle Elevation Citrus Grove

Soy Blend Square Candle. Citrus Grove - a breath of fresh lemon zest with sof pine and a hint of eucalyptus.

2. Ashleigh & Burwood Lime & Basil Fragrance Lamp Oil

Lime & Basil Lamp Fragrance brings forth a tantalising freshness, as this scent blends invigorating lime with aromatic herbaceous notes of basil and energising rosemary.- for use with Ashleigh and Burwood Catalytic Fragrance lamps only. Catalytic Fragrance lamps kill 99% of airborne bacteria. Click for details.

3. HIRO Mist Diffuser & Boles d'Olor White Jasmine Oil

The HIRO Mist Diffuser is perfect complement to improve any atmosphere with aromas and colours. It improves the air quality as well as to humidifies. Perfect compliment with this would be to use Boles d'Olor White Jasmine Oil which has notes of  Lemon Tree Leaves and White Jasmine and at its heart Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom and Ozone.

4. Pre-fragranced Reed Sticks

Yankee Candle Pre-fragranced are ideal to use here,there and everywhere! Reeds come pre-fragranced so no mess, no spill. Fragrance lasts up to 6 weeks and can be placed on your desk in your pens holder, in reed vessel or pop them around your office, all you need is one or two and each pack contains 5!

5. Yankee Candle Elevation Sea Minerals

Sea Minerals and sea salt join aromatic greens and spices for a fragrance inspired by a cool ocean breeze. The fragrance is a relaxing blend of eucalyptus, muguet, clove and nutmeg scents, reminiscent of seaside escapes.

6. Boles d'Olor Mikado Reed Diffuser - Soleil de Provence

Enjoy beautiful home fragrancing from these top quality reed diffusers. They are longer lasting fragrance, alcohol and VOC free, which makes them more efficient and kinder to the environment too. Soleil de Provence is he quintessential French fragrance. Lavender, Thyme, Cypress & Lemons.


Need help choosing the perfect fragrance for your space? Feel free to contact us!

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