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Mixology and retired fragrances

9 June 2015

The Burn Blog - 

Another mixed week here in Ireland and I am definitely one for burning a candle that suits the mood.

My particular favourite this week has been Midnight Jasmine.

Midnight Jasmine is a known and trusted favourite and is one we come back to again and again. This is one of the most bold yet easy on the nose florals you can get and it’s back ground notes of honeysuckle will keep you enthralled for many hours.

A weekend break last week in Kerry with, let’s just says, inclement weather, led me to re discover the joys of mixology particularly with Wax Melts. 

I decided to go for a Summer Lovin’ combination. The Summer Lovin’ consists of Wild Sea Grass, Midsummer’s night and Beach Holiday.

This takes about an hour for the fragrance to really kick in so if you are expecting visitors plan ahead and wow them with your knowledge.

Try it and see for yourself! If anyone has any favourite mixology recipes please let us know.

We now have fragrance notes in all the shops which tell you all the components of the fragrance, allowing you to decide on your favourite mixology recipe. The fragrance notes have two sections, the first with Yankee candle fragrance description and the second with our own personal comment.

We are also working on a "Fragrance Scenter" with a list of all 340+ fragrances ever sold in Ireland, the description of each and also 2 or 3 currently available fragrances that would be similar to one of your favourites that has been retired. 

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