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Boles d'Olor Barcelona New Home Fragrance Range

9 March 2021

Let us transport you into the world of the inspiring Boles d'Olor Home Fragrance Range.

When we at were looking for a new range to complement the Yankee Candle range, we needed to look no further than Yankee Candle’s partner in Spain who have their own hugely successful range of home fragrance products – Boles d’Olor

Boles d'olor is a company based in Barcelona, ​​dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of home fragrance products. Founded in 1977 by Helena Llebaria and Eugeni Boix, its two creators decided to express their creativity through smell.

We have recently extended our Boles d’Olor range to include Mist Diffusers, Room Sprays, Perfumes, Ambient Mist Oils and Reed Diffusers.


Fragrance Lamp Oil

Special home perfume to use with your Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp or Genie Lamp. Refreshes and purifies the air in your home while imparting subtle fragrances. It covers the three key areas that increase the quality of life by improving the atmosphere that surrounds you.

Mist Diffuser Fragrance Oils

The essence of Boles d'olor in its purest form. The Ambient Mist from the Ambients Collection is specially formulated for use in Boles d’olor foggers to become micro-drops of pure olfactory pleasure that will instantly set the mood in your home. Cold micronization technology allows the perfume to be perceived in all its splendor and subtlety, without changes or alterations. It can also be used as a perfume concentrate, to revitalize potpourris, to perfume ceramics and in a wide variety of applications.


Mist Diffusers

Discover our range of Mist Diffusers. Ambient and humidify any room in an easy and effective way. Designed to be used with Boles d'olor Ambient Mists or Essential Oils and to disperse our pleasant fragrances anywhere.

Pictured is the My Mist Diffuser, a beautifully designed compact aroma diffuser ideal for use in the office or bedside table.

Reed Diffusers

Natural environment diffuser based on rattan rods, a wonderful vegetable fiber that absorbs and diffuses the fragrance in a progressive, delicate and long-lasting way. Put the vase in the chosen place and, after a few hours, the perfume will begin to expand smoothly and gradually over several months. At the same time that it perfumes in a natural way, it is an original decorative element for the home or office. In addition, you have available the 200ml refill of essence to recharge it when you run out.

Highly Fragranced Room Sprays

The Black Edition home perfume collection is characterized by unstoppable aromas that spread throughout the rooms, providing a touch of style in each home. A modern solution to express your personality through distinctive ambient perfumes and live an authentic fragrant experience.

The easiest and fastest way to perfume your home. Our natural air freshener, with a highly concentrated fragrance, can be used in any room in the home to create a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to its convenient spray, it is very easy to regulate its diffusion to guarantee a pleasant fragrance with a long-lasting effect. Available in a wide variety of scents. Ideal to perfume all the rooms of your home, as well as flower arrangements, pot pourris, etc ...

Black Edition Ambient Mists

Black Edition Ambient Mists are powerful water-soluble fragrance concentrates to be used with all our Mists with any of the existing cold micronization technologies, as well as in fragrance burners mixed with water.

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